2014 in Review & A Look at 2015 and Beyond…

We are pleased to report that 2014 (the first year of a two-year Segway Pilot Project in Nova Scotia), was incident-free and a great year for Segway Nova Scotia.  In many ways this was the result of our awesome staff, so thanks again to Seb, Emma, and Scott!




Located on the Halifax Waterfront, we had close to 3000 riders in 2014.




The pilot project allowed us to expand our Waterfront Tours by adding Halifax City Tours. The feedback has been great.  We’ll be back on the Halifax Waterfront in 2015, and look forward to telling visitors all about Halifax.  We plan to introduce some new, fun, and always-interesting tours in 2015 – stay tuned.

Your thoughts and ideas are always welcomed!



As we continue to work with Provincial and Municipal Departments, along with Waterfront Development Corporation, we also have our sights on 2016.  Specifically, what happens after the pilot project?  Not only do we have a unique tour operation that is creating jobs and contributing to tourism, but we are also trying to introduce a new mode of transportation to Nova Scotia.  We believe this technology can transform the way people work, play and live, in a safe and eco-friendly way.

Segway PTs are not about walking or exercising less, but rather about being more productive and reducing our dependancy on cars for short trips.  The pilot project is designed to collect feedback, which in-turn will help generate recommendations that hopefully will lead to legislation to permanently allow Segway use for all of us.

It took 2 years to get a pilot project approved and implemented.  We hope that the recommendations that come out of the pilot project do not get caught up in another 2 years of red tape.



Thanks again to all our supporters!


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